Wrappers Galore
      P.O. Box 450003​                                    Garland, Texas 75045                                    Phone (972) 741-3261
Email – wrappersgalore@yahoo.com
Pricing For All 
(Candies, Mint Books, Water Bottles, Dog Bones)
Wrapped Miniature Candies, Mints $ .50 each (minimum order of 100)
This price INCLUDES the candy/mints
Wrapped Large Hershey Bars $2.50 each (minimum order of 10)
This price INCLUDES the candy bar (1.5 oz bar)
Large Hershey Bar Labels Only  $1.50 each  (minimum order of 10)
Price includes your choice of silver or gold foil wrap and cellophane envelope
Wrapping instructions are also included
FREE Shipping
Water Bottle Labels Only $1.00 each (minimum order of 25)
FREE Shipping for labels only
Water Bottle Label w/ Water  $1.25 each (Local only)
Labels fit around 1 pint bottles
Wrapped Dog Bones $.50 each (minimum order of 25)
This price INCLUDES the dog bone
Decorative Paint Cans $15 each
**Buyer will be responsible for shipping charges unless noted as FREE Shipping**