Wrappers Galore
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In 1991, I was asked to organize and direct a rehearsal, wedding, and reception for a member of my church.  At the time, I knew very little about how to plan and coordinate a wedding, but soon found I had a natural talent for it.  As time progressed, I assisted with several weddings for friends.  Before I knew it, I was getting referrals from “friends of friends,” thus, The Wedding Planners was created.

Over the years, I have coordinated many weddings.  It brings me great pleasure to know that I contributed in making someone’s wedding day one of the most memorable days of their life.  

A few years ago, I was standing in my kitchen, feeding my dogs some dog biscuits when an idea popped in my head.  I thought to myself, how great it would be to make a wrapper of some sort for a dog bone as a promotional item.  I could market it first to my vet and then go from there.  Then, all of a sudden, I had another fantastic idea.  As a gift to my wedding couples, I would design them their very own personalized candy wrapper for their wedding favors.  This gift would go great with the framed pressed invitation that I was already giving to each of my couples.  And so Wrappers Galore was born.